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Have You Outgrown QuickBooks?

On-Demand Webcast

Although QuickBooks is an ideal accounting software for most small businesses and is a great platform on which to start a business, it begins to show its limitations as companies grow in size and requirements.

Join GSI as we discuss the reasons why a move to NetSuite may be the right answer for you.

Topics discussed will include: 

  • A description about the challenges that many small to mid-size businesses face with QuickBooks.
  • The key questions you should ask to determine if you are ready to move off QuickBooks
  • How NetSuite solves these issues 
  • Demonstration of NetSuite’s capabilities

With QuickBooks, handling multiple subsidiaries requires multiple accounts and leaves you with the inability to roll up financials. Closing the books can often take weeks instead of days as you attempt to assign revenue to individual business units. Integrations to other applications are often very manual and require multiple steps to complete.

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