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JD Edwards: Becoming Data Driven with Modern BI Technologies

On-Demand Webcast

In this webinar, attendees will:

  • Learn how to use JD Edwards ERP data to create compelling, interactive reports and management dashboards.
  • Understand how business users can access data that is maintained and governed by IT.
  • Learn best practices on how organizations can standardize and modernize existing enterprise reporting.
  • See how business users can leverage machine learning over JDE systems to get more insights from data and create an analytics experience that will change corporate cultures.

There’s a goldmine of data inside your JD Edwards system. But data is just a series of ones and zeroes without the tools to turn it into information. How do you mine your data to obtain actionable insights in a timely manner? How do you make data available across your organization in a safe, governed way? And finally, how do you incorporate machine learning and predictive analytics to take your reporting and analysis to the next level?

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