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JD Edwards: Cloud Security Audit for Your ERP System

On-Demand Webcast

There are various reasons you might audit your ERP security system: auditor pressure, compliance reporting, or simply because you realize that 50% of frauds are committed by insiders. Also, how can you learn about your usage of the ERP quickly and easily before the Oracle LMS team shows up to perform an audit of your ERP? With audits today, it’s hard to get meaningful insights. Most companies use SQL scripts and complex spreadsheets, but find it very difficult to get accurate, actionable information. ​​​​

During this webcast, we will discuss: 

  • Determine whether you have issues with your ERP Security, and get appropriate recommendations
  • Obtain Segregation of Duties & Audit Reporting with no technical effort
  • Plan for security remediation
  • Understanding your Oracle License Usage (ensure compliance)

RapidAudit powered by Q Software solves this problem. It’s a Cloud-based service that reports on Segregation of Duties issues, Access visibility, and Critical Program availability, with metrics on overall security and a full set of recommendations -- all delivered overnight with no technical effort required.

At the end of the webinar, there will be a quick question and answer session where you can ask questions about your own specific needs.

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