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Upgrading to 9.2 Breaks JD Edwards Database Security & How-To Fix It

On-Demand Webcast

In this webcast you will learn:

  • Why your database security is broken
  • How to prepare your security for a 9.2 upgrade
  • Explain the proper configuration of the new Data Source Security application 
  •  How users connecting via the JDE application or direct access to the database can have anything from full read/write on everything to read only on specific tables. 
  •  At the end of the webcast you’ll be able to configure your JDE and database security to manage any type of table access.

In tools release 9.2 Oracle changed how security works between JDE and the database. Unfortunately, database security prior to 9.1 is still shrouded in mystery and the new 9.2 Data Source Security application isn’t well known. This makes JDE security in upgrades seem erratic or broken. Many companies choose to bypass all these headaches by granting excessive permissions to database users which completely bypasses all semblance of best-practice database security. These workarounds cause significant security risks and guarantee you’ll fail any security audit.

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